S7Lite is an implementation of S7 server. Idea behind it is to create Siemens PLC simulation for development and test purposes. When running it should create a virtual S7-300 PLC inside your network and you should be able to work with it the same way you would with real PLC via ethernet (profinet) interface. That means not only to be able to connect to it from Simatic Step 7 and TIA portal but also using any third-party connection you would normally use.

This software is ment not only for PLC developers but everyone who needs PLC in their network and canĀ“t afford one. That is why you can create and edit DBs inside this program and not just with siemens software. And since the most common of comunication between PLC and third-party is DB to DB, I have implemented DB controls as first.

At this moment, S7Lite is in early development.